About this Website

I started this blog with the sole purpose of writing down things as I rediscover my religion. I am not a religious fanatic, and I don’t consider myself a devout Hindu. I am inquisitive though, and I would love to learn more about the knowledge and stories contained in the Hindu Scriptures.

About the Author

The author wishes to remain anonymous. Mixing religion and public life can be a recipe for disaster…
What we do know about the author is that he is a student, a voracious reader, knows a little bit of Sanskrit, and takes great interest in the Indian Civilization. Do you think it is essential that the author be an Indian? Outsiders sometimes have more insight, don’t they?

Principles, or the Dharma Behind…

Here are some principles I will uphold:

  1. I will have fun exploring, and hopefully share some joy with my readers
  2. I will not belittle or defame any religion
  3. I will not be “baited” by posts or articles on other sites that belittle or defame any religion
  4. I will not claim to be a perfect Hindu – I am not, so please find it in you to excuse my faults
  5. I will not write just for the sake of writing – saying nothing is better than saying too much

You can hold me to my words!


You can participate in the discussions here – leave a comment if you please, but please be considerate of others, and the author (me). A pointless argument leaves no one wiser. Please don’t say in a comment what you won’t say face-to-face, or on a stage anywhere, anytime.


The photos that appear in the header are taken by Claude Renault. I thank him for making them available under a Creative Commons By-Attribution License.

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