Hindu Astrological Calendar (Panchangam) For Different Locations Worldwide

Posted on December 25, 2006
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All auspicious events in the Hindu world take place according to the Panchangam, or the Astrological Hindu Calendar. Hindu Astrology is a precise science, taking into account the latitude and the longitude of location into the calculations. For this reason, the timing of various events varies based on location. The calendar, to be complete, should list the rising and setting time of the various stars and planets, and also the beginning and end of the various “kalams” or time periods. I have had trouble obtaining a panchangam for the location I live in, which is not in India. For me, there is no essential need for the calendar, and yet, some of my readers (there seem to be none so far!) might be looking for one. I found two such calendars or panchangams on the web today.

The first calendar, the mudgala panchangam has the following features:

The next, which seems to cover a lot of geographical locations, including various cities in Europe, North America and Australia is the Vedic Calendar provided by the Himalayan Academy. There are panchangas available for a few years here, with archived panchangas from the past too. I like this much better, but it is up to you to take a pick.

Zen Stories (Koans) – Get One a Day

Posted on December 24, 2006
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Though this site is primarily about Hinduism, some articles will have to do with other Eastern Religions and practices. I will write occassionaly about Buddhism, Taoism, and practices like yoga, feng-shui, meditation etc. Sometimes I just cannot resist the temptation to write about little gems I come across while browsing. So please don’t blame me!

Today is one such day. I came across a cool service that emails you one Zen story(koan) a day. The koans are from the 101 Zen Stories site.

A little bit of background, a koan is a story, puzzle, or dialogue that contains wisdom that can be gleaned by intuition. Kaons may not always make logical or rational sense, but the intent os to appeal to your intuition and make you look within for answers.

I hope the email service lets you start your day in the right frame of mind. Resist the temptation to read all 101 stories together – don’t visit the website!

Good Books to Learn Sanskrit (Samskritam)

Posted on December 22, 2006
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In the beginning, when I wanted to learn Sanskrit, I started looking for useful websites that teach the language. I came across a great many websites, and some were exceptionally useful, but I was frustrated after a short while. For one, to learn using websites, you need to be online and use your computer. Another reason for my frustration was that no website offered a comprehensive tutorial or an easy to follow plan. I will write about the websites I encountered in another post. This post will concentrate on the best books money can buy to learn Sanskrit. A rudimentary knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for those interested in Hindu culture. It will open doors of understanding into yoga, tantra, the karmas needs to ensure happiness and the principles of hindu dharma. Even with the availability of many guides in English, there is nothing like learning the principles from the source. So I hope this article will be handy for those starting out with their yoga practice, vedic learning, and those looking for advice from the Vedas on how to live the complete life.

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