What Makes an Indian an Indian

Posted on April 11, 2007

Let me make up for my absence here with a picture from the Indian roads. Add this to the other Indian roadsigns we know!
INDIAN - road sign
(Photo from www.moreadventures-india.de)

May “Christiannity” pardon the Indian spelling :)


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8 Comments so far
  1. shankar October 11, 2007 5:02 am

    Dear Sir
    Though i feel being a hindu is great,offlate
    i feel very offended particulary by the christian cable channels boldly criticizing our gods and religion openly asking us to embrace there religion.
    This is really pushing me to hating christians and making me become a pure hindu fanatic,i have started reading Bhagwad geetha now thanks to these christians.
    Please if this guys dont stop i dont know what is going to happen in india,thay are pushing us towards the wall

  2. shinjite iruno May 29, 2008 5:06 pm

    Shankar, no one can push you to do things you don’t want to do. Even if those Christian channels do criticize our religion, they’re not forcing us to convert. So what’s the big deal here… come on: its 2008!

    You should practice your religion and let them practice theirs. Tip: how about you stop watching those Christian channels.

    I’m a 13 yr old kid who lives in the US, where the emphasis on Christianity is higher. I don’t care. Even if they ask you to do something, you still have that choice.

  3. Arup Kumar Das November 15, 2009 11:15 pm

    Shankar you know it is a kaliyug.in this time every good things must criticized and bad things is praised , so keep your mind strong.

  4. Dr.Shriharsha Sharma August 16, 2010 4:40 am

    The name given to people living between Himalayas and Hind Mahasagar as Indians by foreign invaders and barbaric rulers from Europe is degrading to people of this region. These people are Hindus and they must change the name of their country officially as Hindusthan to bring back the lost pride and dignity to get rid of slave mentality.
    People of this region are Hindus who are a majority.
    Iwould to quote a verse ;
    Aasindhu sindhu paryanta,
    yashya bharat bhoomika;
    pitribhu punya bhuschaiva,
    sa vai hindu ritismritah.
    There is vast land between hind mahasagar and river sindhu and those who believe that this land is their father land and/ or place of pilgrimage are all Hindus.
    India should be renamed officially as Hindusthan the land of Hindus like England land of English people, Ireland land of Irish people.

  5. gita September 13, 2011 3:06 pm

    I used to think being an Hindu was someone who was spiritually in tune, as our history and heritage has so much spirituality, morals and love to offer, but the reality seems to be that hindus are too full of bloated pride, many think they are better than other religions when we are all ths same, I chose to marry a sikh person, yet the prejudice I felt from the priest marrying us in a traditional hindu marriage was disgusting. I have read the Bhagavad Geeta many times and to have something this precious in our heritage is something to be proud of but the fact that it is rarely practiced (and I dont mean the bit about the caste system as that I believe was added at a later date as it disrupts the flow of the book) is just bloody awful, so an indian would to me have the qualities described in the Bhagavad Geeta, irrespective of being male or female which is another huge problem the indians seem to have. And as for other religions they are all the same the special thing about indians is that we are or should be more welcoming to all religions, after all we dont as such have a religion rather more a way of life.

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