Where Do I Begin?

Posted on January 24, 2007
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In starting this weblog, my goal was to write down my thoughts regarding Eastern philosophy so it may benefit myself and others. But increasingly, I have come to realize a very big problem that was not so apparent before I started this endeavor:

Where and how do I begin to talk about something so vast, profound and endless as Hindu philosophy? Just as importantly, where do I stop?

One thought leads to another, and everything is connected, so even before I try writing about one topic, say, the Vedas, or the sound “Om”, I get overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge that is available about them. Before I start to tell a story, I see that the story will run into many, many pages.

I have a many a story to tell, but each of the stories runs into hundreds of words, and I am not sure any of the people who visit this weblog will have the patience to read something that long!

So I ask for your help, visitor – do you have any thoughts as to what I can do to overcome my problem? What should I write about? Answering readers’ questions(even if I have to do some research to find the answers) seems much easier than writing about boundless topics!

A New Beginning

Posted on December 19, 2006
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My soul often nags me for ignoring it. So I will ignore it no more. I will write about India, about Hinduism, about Dharma, Karma, Yaga, Yoga and about Hindu Mythology. I will write so I don’t forget – so my children have something besides celebrity gossip to read.

The way it works is this – I am in the process of reading a lot of material on Hinduism, partly due to interest, and partly due to necessity (as a student). As I go, I will make notes here and share them with you, my esteemed audience. Nevermind that I don’t have an audience right now, but as they say, perform and they will come!

This is also a great new experience at blogging. Setting up WordPress was a snap, the theme was there to be used. I edited it a little, to the best of my knowledge, using bits and pieces of information gleaned from the web. I will keep tweaking the design, I guess. The problem is time – if I had a week to tend to this blog, I’d be really happy – but its not to be, and so work will proceed at a lazy pace, if I dare say so.

Hang around, a we’ll share a few stories and legends. We’ll see old things in a new way, and learn together!