Learning Sanskrit: A Mail Correspondence Course

Posted on January 26, 2007
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In addition to books and online resources, there is also a wonderful correspondence course to learn Sanskrit.

Samskrita Bharati started as an experiment in 1981 in Bangalore, India to bring Samskritam back into daily life. Not surprisingly, they offer live courses in the US and India, and supplement it with an excellent correspondence course on Sanskrit.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of Sanskrit, and starts from the very basics. They make good use of audio cassettes(though maybe it is time to move up to Audio CDs :) ). In addition, they have a neat feature where one can call a telephone number in the USA and leave a voice message with a question, and have a volunteer answer it, for free!

Learning is accomplished through four “grades”. The fee for each grade is a paltry $100!! Each grade consists of 12 lessons with tests to measure comprehension. Passing a grade will get you a certificate and the right to enter the next grade.

For details on this correspondence course, visit the Samskrita Bharati correspondence course page.

Option One.

Samskrita Bharati. (www.samskrit-bharati.org), offers Sanskrit lessons, via
correspondence both within India and abroad.

Post enrollment, I have just received my first set of lessons, which are both in
booklets and in casettes. We are encouraged to follow the text in the booklet,
listening to the casette. There are four level, each having a duration of 6
months. After completing each level, the student is expected to mail the
completed exercises back to S-B for verification and subsequent certfication.

I am currently in Atlanta, and have enrolled myself in the first i.e. Pravesha
Level, of the said course.

IIHS’ Huge Collection of Audio Lectures on Hindu Practices

Posted on December 31, 2006
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I happened across this collection of mp3 files with audio lectures on Hinduism, and Indian Tradition. I would love to see the speeches transcribed, since I can read faster than I can hear. The difficult thing about audio files is that you have to listen at the pace of the speech, and can’t skim over the less interesting parts.

Maybe, someday, I will listen to the audio files and transcribe them, but till then this post will act as a placeholder.

Good Books to Learn Sanskrit (Samskritam)

Posted on December 22, 2006
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In the beginning, when I wanted to learn Sanskrit, I started looking for useful websites that teach the language. I came across a great many websites, and some were exceptionally useful, but I was frustrated after a short while. For one, to learn using websites, you need to be online and use your computer. Another reason for my frustration was that no website offered a comprehensive tutorial or an easy to follow plan. I will write about the websites I encountered in another post. This post will concentrate on the best books money can buy to learn Sanskrit. A rudimentary knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for those interested in Hindu culture. It will open doors of understanding into yoga, tantra, the karmas needs to ensure happiness and the principles of hindu dharma. Even with the availability of many guides in English, there is nothing like learning the principles from the source. So I hope this article will be handy for those starting out with their yoga practice, vedic learning, and those looking for advice from the Vedas on how to live the complete life.

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